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The TechScribbler is me, Brian Robinson. I’ve been a journalist, writer and editor for over 40 years, and a full-time freelance since 1993. I write mainly about technology, science, business, politics and the people involved with all of that but nothing is excluded, particularly if you want to pay me for it.

That’s also the focus of this blog but, since this is a personal space, I reserve the right to declaim on other things — Stuff — as they occasionally cross my brain. Note, also, the Scribbler part of the title. I will sometimes talk about the craft and business of writing.

For those to whom these things matter: I’m a transplanted Brit who has spent time living in London, New York and Virginia, just outside of Washington DC, on the way to Portland, Oregon, where I now reside.

You can email me at techscribbler52 [at] gmail [dot] com

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