I know, yet another blog. Who needs it?

This is the latest in a line of blogs I’ve attempted over the past decade and more, some of which have lasted longer than others. So, why this and why now?

It’s been more than 40 years since I started out on the trek to becoming a writer, and I’m not sure how far along the path I’ve gone. I’ve been a journalist for much of that time, and for just about all of it I’ve written about technology and business, with some politics mixed in. More recently I’ve also strayed into science, which is where I wanted to go at the beginning but got diverted because of reasons, mostly centered around making a living.

I’ve got a lot further to go, I know. I don’t count myself a writer, yet, which may be more to do with my own insecurities than reality. Over the years I’ve written and published what, maybe a couple of million words or more? That’s more than many writers manage in a lifetime, and still I shrink from using the term “writing” for what I do. There are many ways to write a story, many forms to try, many different strategies for putting together words and hoping they make an impact. I still have to try most of them.

At the same time, the world turns. Certainly in science and technology there are amazing things happening, that will in the future change our perspective of the universe we live in. Corporations exert more and more power. Politics, always a nebulous activity, has become an even more uncertain influence. Meanwhile, people still try to live their lives, as best as they can.

It’s in that context that I launch this blog, with the hope that by putting down things in words I can understand them better (I don’t seem able to think cogently unless I’m writing). Along the way, I hope I inform you as well. If you want to join me in the conversation I hope it will be, then welcome. If I do nothing more than amuse you with what I write — well, that’s still a worthwhile goal.

The title? TechScribbler is what I am. But I also intend to put more emphasis on the scribbling part, so this will end up being a lot more freewheeling than the usual technology blog. Which could turn up some interesting bits of flotsam. I guarantee they’ll be every bit as surprising to me as they might be to you.